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Greetings from The Driven Man.  Welcome to the December 2006 issue of our newsletter

We  have some exciting new additions to offer the British Car enthusiasts.

Our new performance parts will make your classic car even more enjoyable.


For those of you who did not get to attend Eurofest 2006 in Spartenburg, SC - The Driven Man did.  We've added a gallery of photos just for you.

Sway Bars (anti-roll bars) 

XJS Front & Rear Set    


E Type Front or Rear Set    


MGB Front & Rear Set     


TR6 Front & Rear Set    


Sprite Front or Rear     


Sway Bars are shipped with the appropriate hardware.  Visit links within pricing for more info.

**** Low Inventory ****

The Driven Man inventory is running low on our 17" Jaguar Wheels that are so popular.  Please order yours in advance and beat the rush.
These 17" x 7.5" wheels are custom cast for the Driven Man.  They fit all XJS & XJ Sedans from 1968-2003, and they accept your later style factory center caps.  They have the proper offset and they DO NOT require spacers or any modifications to your fenders. Suggested tire size is a 235/50/17.    $999.00

Exploded View of these Wheels


Our customers are paying us some very nice compliments on these wheels, after they see them in person.  Professional photography can't even do these wheels justice.  Once you see them, you too will be thrilled.

Another great gift giving idea!


Silencer Substitute Pipes  

are an inexpensive starting point for most Jaguars, including some carburetor engined cars - the idea being to replace the most restrictive pair of silencers in the system with matching straight through stainless steel pipes. 

This is undoubtedly the most cost effective performance modification anyone can buy.

Exhaust Systems are a popular area to think about upgrading for performance and longevity.

Stainless Steel Systems with all straight through silencers are an option we offer as a high quality replacement for a tired factory system, giving approximately the same performance as Silencer Substitute Pipes.

The design of the exhaust system is dominated by considerations such as refinement and, of course, emissions legislation.  Many people think that the exhaust system on a modern Jaguar is a little too quiet for a car with high performance pretensions.  It is quite possible to obtain a reasonable increase in performance allied to a pleasing exhaust note without becoming an antisocial monster.  The simplest way of doing this is to replace the first silencer boxes below the rear seats with our SILENCER SUBSTITUTE PIPES for a gain of 15-20 b.h.p. The noise level is not excessive and they can be used on most cars with or without catalysts.

**More News**  Free Shipping on some items below.  Call for details. 

Gear Reduction Starters


No Core charges !!!





We'd also like to hear from our customers about our products, quality and service, adding your comments and pictures to our website's customer feedback section.  

The links to these areas for American Cars and European cars are distributed throughout our website.  Be part of it today.

  For all your cars,
          we have some hot new Gearshift Knobs
Show off your personality, interests, military branch, etc.  You can even customize your knob with an old collectable, your own design or even a family photo by having them embedded into the knob.  We can also embed tie tacks, pins, etc.  Check out our additional embedment pages for your own ideas or use ours.  The pricing on these knobs is great and you'll be getting great quality.      Gearshift Knobs webpages

Another gift giving idea!

Shift knobs come with 16mm threaded kit and universal adapter to fit most other shifters. Custom threads available upon request.


For all products and services, please call The Driven Man at (931) 646-4TDM or email us at

We hope you've enjoyed our newsletter!

Merry Christmas!