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Greetings from The Driven Man.  Welcome to the December 2006 issue of our newsletter

We  have some exciting new additions to offer American Car enthusiasts.

Our new performance parts will make your classic car even more enjoyable.


Brand New 426 Hemi Engines

510 - 850 HP
426ci - 605ci
Available in Cast Iron or Aluminum
High Performance, High Nickel Content, Cast Iron and Aluminum Cross Bolted Engine Blocks

The Driven Man is very proud to provide new high performance, high nickel content, cast iron and aluminum cross bolted engine blocks this year. While the new design will retain the basic elements of its early design that made the 426 famous, the manufacturer has also incorporated many of the most important improvements developed over the last 40 years of performance testing on the race tracks across the United States. The design improvements incorporated in the HP X and XL block are focused on improved quality and reliability at all performance levels with out changing the basic engine platform design.

These are available as bare blocks or as an engine package, complete with Stage 5 Heads, Manifold and Carburetors.

Bare Blocks starting at
    starting at $2,900
Complete  Engine Assemblies
    starting at $15,900

Please contact The Driven Man about this offer.  (931) 646-4TDM

Only the Highest Quality Materials

The new HP blocks use only the highest quality materials for maximum strength and reliability. These blocks will be delivered with cross bolted steel billet main caps, improved lifter valley design that improves strength in this area, and many other engineered quality and strength improvements. The engine design will allow the use of the original stock performance intakes, heads, exhaust, starters, water pumps, oil pans, and standard internal oiling systems.

  For all your cars,
          we have some hot new Gearshift Knobs
  Show off your personality, interests, military branch, etc.  You can even customize your knob with an old collectable, your own design or even a family photo by having them embedded into the knob.  We can also embed tie tacks, pins, etc.  Check out our additional embedment pages for your own ideas or use ours.  The pricing on these knobs is great and you'll be getting great quality.      Gearshift Knobs webpages

Another gift giving idea!

Shift knobs come with 16mm threaded kit and universal adapter to fit most other shifters. Custom threads available upon request.


Complete 4 speed Automatic Conversion Kit for Mopar

30% Overdrive!

**** MOPAR ****  MOPAR ****  MOPAR ****

The Driven Man now offers Chrysler Automatic Transmission Kit For Mopar B and E bodies - No Cutting or Modifications are Required.  Convert your 727 or 904 equipped Mopar B or E body into a high-performing, 4-speed overdrive automatic, all without cutting or modification. Experience all the benefits of this complete high performance overdrive system: improved performance, low rpm cruising, reduced wear and tear on the engine, and noticeable fuel economy gains - as much as 30%.

These systems have been tested and re-tested over thousands of miles of real world use to insure that you get the highest quality, durability and fitment.  Our custom engineered, electronically controlled 4-speed automatic is a bolt-in system that requires absolutely no modification to install in your B or E-body car. Keep your original Slap Stick, column or standard floor shift linkage, and eliminate the 727 kickdown linkage.

Benefits include an aggressive 3.06 first gear, three available power levels: 450 ft-lbs of torque (Stage 1), 550 ft-lbs (Stage 2), and 650ft-lbs (Stage 3), and fitment for all small block, big block, Hemi & new Hemi applications.

These complete systems can be customized with your choice of stall speed and shift programming.  Every transmission system comes with complete detailed installation instructions and a 12month/12,000 mile warranty that even allows for R&R and shipping.

A complete system for Mopar A-body kit is also available, and installs with minor modifications.




Please contact The Driven Man about this offer.

(931) 646-4TDM


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We hope you've enjoyed our newsletter!

Merry Christmas!