EZ Power Steering™
Modern Steering At The Flick of a Switch!

Enjoy driving your classic car but find the steering too heavy? We have the solution! An under dash EZ Electric Power Steering system.

The existing steering rack or box remains unchanged and thus retains the original steering ratio and geometry. The amount of assistance is fully adjustable right from the driver's seat! It is also speed and load sensitive! The EZ system installs using CNC laser cut brackets designed to fit the original mounting points in your car.  Since no holes are drilled and nothing is cut or welded to the chassis or body the car can always be easily converted back to its original system. Under the hood there are no changes and everything remains as original. It basically replaces your stock steering column.

The advantages of an electrical system opposed to a hydraulic system are numerous:

  • The electric motor only uses power when steering assistance is necessary whereas a hydraulic pump is continuously robbing about 4 horsepower whenever the engine is running.
  • No Sloppy Overboost -  Direct, precise and accurate at all speeds with none of the disconnected feeling of floaty hydraulic systems.
  • Fully Electronic - No fluid means no leaks!
  • Speed Sensitive – Adjusts itself to driving conditions.
  • Driver Adjustable -  Choose the steering "feel" just by turning a dial.
  • Weight Savings – Considerably lighter than hydraulic systems.
  • Clean Installation – Practically invisible and fully reversible
  • Quick Response – No cavitation or stuttering.
  • Temperature Neutral – Same quiet performance at all temperatures.
  • Noiseless Operation – Quiet, dependable operation with no squealing or whining.
  • Unmatched Precision – No slop, free play or cavitation.
  • Works with the engine off – Full assist with key on and engine off; great when moving the car in a garage.
  • Quick Installation – One day project for you or your shop. Many kits install in less than 4 hours.
  • Maintenance Free – Never top off fluid or tighten noisy, slipping belts again.

With an EZ Power Steering you get more engine power, no messy fluid leaks, more precise steering and low steering effort!

Because the electric EZ Power Steering system is truly speed sensitive it steers easily at parking speeds and gains precision as speed climbs. The amount of assistance can be selected by turning a single dial. The driver can select the desired feel (i.e. more assistance with wider tires and/or smaller steering wheel.) With a hydraulic system there is usually very little feel and no possibility to adjust the assist.

In the unlikely event that the electric power steering system has a defect the car would steer exactly like it did prior to power steering conversion.

Click here to see our list of EZ Powersteering compatible vehicles. (PDF)

Regular price at $2995 on sale now for $2750!

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